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Paper Structures

Communicate with your Investors the Right way

Engage the experts to set up, engage and analyse your data the right way

Smart Investor Relations Software powered by accumulated intelligence and intuitive automation

Safehold & Connect your precious Data

We take your data security

very seriously

Bird will secure & consolidate your Investor and Subscriber data in one place and ensure complete privacy of your data, as well as the the access to take with you wherever you go. 


We work with you to segment your data

We split your data into 3 distinct segments. 

The success of customer data segmentation practices highly depends on selecting the perfect criteria to classify the information bulk that shares significant traits. 

While there may be other types of segmentation that dive even deeper into understanding the bonding characteristics that link each contact inside a particular batch.


Safehold Your Investor & Subscriber data

Welcome email - For New subscribers / Investors will be engaged promptly with a Welcome Email after signup. Establishing the companies brand and intent to keep them updated regularly. Eg. Executive Summary and Project Highlights

Consistent Engagement - Existing Investors & Subscribers will be kept up to date with - Price Sensitive ASX Announcements, Quarterly Company Updates, Project Highlights and General News


How are you engaging with your investors?

Bird Software captures engagement data from reports back to you to educate on how your Investors and Subscribers are interacting with your company.


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Bird Software
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