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Are you getting the most out of your existing investors?

Bird allows you to connect and communicate to your existing investors through your share registry

Bird delivers advanced Investor communication tools, analytics and connectivity. The Investor CRM without the hefty price.

Connect your Share Registry directly through 


Smart Investor Relations Software powered by accumulated intelligence and intuitive automation

The Investor  CRM for the ASX.

Automated sending of your ASX Announcements to your investors

Bird Technologies Pty Ltd is a specialised Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform tailored specifically for ASX listed companies through its connection to share registries. Offering its portfolio of clients enhanced digital Investor Relations, through its bespoke email system and app store marketplace connecting to other industry applications including Web Broadcast. Bird offers advanced Investor engagement analytics and a range of connectivity to other industry platforms through the rapid development of its Version 2.0 interface


Channel your news assets.

Get as many eyes on your content as possible

Your company is creating content all the time, from ASX announcements and presentations, to videos and webinars. Bird ensures all of your content reaches your investors, building your voice and maximising the impact of your company news.

Report, Analyse and Communicate

Bird software allows you to communicate to your investors in a structured and more efficient way.

 Bird's interface houses the full suite of Bird analytics products, as well as Database management tools and the app store that can be utilised to expand the Bird range of services.

Within the framework of the system, this interface serves as an investor relations control panel that can be used to monitor and manage all company investor interactions.



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